Make Your New Product Process Agile and Adaptable With “Spiral Development”

Spiral Development makes your new product development process a much more adaptable development process, one that is particularly well suited to innovative new products, and one that adapts to changing, uncertain market conditions. Build in the concept of spiral or agile development, allowing project teams to move rapidly to a finalized product design through a series of “build-test-feedback-and-revise” iterations.

Customers or users really don’t know what they want until they see it, especially in case of very innovative products. So get something in front of the user, fast – something the customer can see, feel, touch and respond to.

Spiral development does this: it deals with the need to get mock-ups or protocepts in front of customers early in the process, and seek fast feedback. Spiral development also allows for smart-and-fast failures; these spirals are relatively inexpensive, and often the first few spirals result in negative responses. Not a problem: revise, rebuild and test again via the next spiral.

Spiral development also bridges the gap between the need for sharp, early and fact-based product definition before development begins and the need to be flexible, agile and to adjust the product’s design to new information and fluid market conditions as Development proceeds. The method thus allows developers to continue to incorporate valuable customer feedback into the design even after the product definition is supposedly locked-in before going into Stage 3, and could even result in a much different or more innovative product than originally envisioned.

How does spiral development work in practice? It’s really a set of “build-and-test, then seek feedback-and-revise” iterations with the user or customer. A sample set of spirals is shown in the exhibit.

Note that these loops or spirals are deliberately built in from the front-end stages through the development stage and into the testing stage. The first loop or spiral is the voice-of-customer study undertaken early in Stage 2, where project team members visit customers to better understand their unmet and unspoken needs, problems and benefits sought in the new product. At this point, the project team probably has very little to show the customer; and that’s the way it should be: The purpose of this visit is to listen and watch, not to “show and tell.”

The second spiral, labeled “full proposition concept test” in the exhibit, is where the project team presents a representation of the proposed product. Depending on the type of product and industry, this representation can be a computer-generated virtual prototype, a hand-made model or mock-up, a very crude protocept, or even a few computer screens for new software. The product obviously does not work at this early stage, and in some presentations, is only two-dimensional. But it is enough to give the customer a feel for what the product will be and do. Interest, liking, preference and purchase intent are thus established even before the project is a formal development project. Feedback is sought, and the needed product revisions are made.

Moving into the Development Stage, within weeks the project team produces the next and more complete version of the product, perhaps a crude model or a rapid prototype. They test this with customers, and again seek feedback, which they use to rapidly revise and build the first working prototype… and then to Spiral #3, #4 and so on… with each successive version of the product getting closer to the final product, and at the same time, closer to the customer’s ideal.

These loops in the exhibit resemble spirals, hence the name “spiral development.”

Use a series of “build-test-feedback-and revise” spirals with the customer in your development process. The result is a better and more innovative product, and one that is more likely to delight the customer. Employ the spirals to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and requirements, and to move rapidly to a proven, finalized product design.

Best Product To Promote – How To Find It

A lot of people don’t know how to select the best product to promote. This skill is crucial if you want to become a successful affiliate. If you can’t find a good product to promote, you won’t make many sales. In my opinion the easiest way to choose the best product to promote is to go to and sign up for a free account (you must sign up as an affiliate if you want to promote other people’s products).

Look in the “Marketplace” for products. It’s divided into 23 main categories. Go through and pick out a product you want to promote. Now select to sort results by gravity (the higher gravity is the more that product is selling at the moment). Pick up a product which gravity is at least 20. Don’t select a product with higher than 100 gravity if you are a beginner, due to high competition. If you want to promote these products, then you must think out of the box to make a lot of sales even if you selected the best product to promote.

Also, you have a bigger potential to earn bigger commissions if you select a product which solves a desperate problem or need. If you find a product like that, then gravity isn’t so important.

Do you want to make more commissions? Then pick up a product from which you will make at least 20 dollars. However, I usually don’t select a product from which I generate more than 40 dollars, I concentrate on products which generates about 30 dollars in commissions, (if they give me 75% commissions) because they convert better.

When you are trying to choose the best product to promote you should ask yourself these questions:

1. What market are you going to promote? Is it a market you are comfortable to write about? (don’t worry if you don’t know a lot of about that market, you can always read other people articles and take some main ideas from them.)

2. Does the product you are going to promote have a professional sales page, good reviews, professional appearance?

Another key point to select the best product to promote, is to follow the trend. The trend is my best friend. For example, you don’t want to pick up a product about skiing if the winter will end very soon…

You also should buy the product which you are going to promote to make sure it is a really high quality product (by purchasing a product which you are going to promote you can write a better review of it and give your feelings about it to your potential buyers, so you generate more commissions)

Example of choosing the best product to promote:

At the time I am writing this article, it is 2010-12-18 so Christmas is almost here and people are going to be cooking a lot. I found a “Cooking, Food & Wine” category. I look at products with higher gravity and select one, which, in my opinion has the best sales page (it has a great video, pictures, testimonials). I searched Google for that product review and found some great feedback, so this product definitely delivers some high value content. I also looked at the $/sale and %/sale amounts which looked nice. This was definitely the best product to promote in cooking niche.

Wholesale Products – Success in Wholesale Business Depends on Selling the Right Wholesale Product

Starting a business online is so rampant nowadays. Like in eBay, it is one of the biggest and fastest growing auction houses online. Almost anything can be sold virtually in this online selling website. The only challenge in this online growing market would be your millions of competitors. Most people around the world joined the competition and displayed their wholesale products, then sell them to billions of consumers worldwide. Everyone has their own strategies and techniques to be part of the infamous “power sellers”. And, if you are a newbie inside this giant arena then there is almost no chance for you to sell your items.

If you are really interested and dedicated of building your dream business in this huge market and putting your records to the test within the level of the power sellers, then here is the key of possibilities in reaching your goal, and that is knowing the right wholesale product to sell.

At present, the most hottest selling wholesale products in eBay include the cell phone boosters, children’s and big women’s clothing, clothing having the western fashion, jewelry, watches, diet pills, nutritional sex enhancers, second hand toys, software and games, power tools and hand tools, perfumes, books, cars, and as well as car accessories. Choosing among these wholesale products definitely means immense numbers of customers waiting to see what your product can offer.

In choosing among the wholesale products, choose the products that greatly interest you. You should also consider your own knowledge of the products in choosing. Although everything can be learned, it would be still on your advantage if you more information on the wholesale products you have chosen.

Always keep in mind that establishing a business is a great risk to take. And the best ways to lessen the risk is always make an excellent plan in every step you are taking. Knowing your own market and wholesale product, your own skill, plus your positive attitude then success is just within the reach of your hands. And following excellent guides and tips in this online business is a good way to start.

Online Beauty Products – 3 Easy to Follow Steps to Pick the Right One

I am sure you would be surprised to see the number of online beauty products available today. Now, with so many choices available, how is a person supposed to choose the right one for herself?

If you too are facing this dilemma, worry not. These large number of online beauty products definitely make the process of making the right choice difficult; but we have a shorter way out.

Here are the 3 simple and easy steps which can help you browse through all available online beauty products and pick the right one up front:

Step 1:
From the list of all the products that you have selected, simply remove all those which contain chemical ingredients of any kind. These chemicals are notorious for causing multiple side effects. So, while they may cure one skin problem, they will give you two other ones to deal with!

And this is the reason why as a general rule, you can safely strike off these potentially hazardous chemical laden products from your list.

Step 2:
Amongst the natural products left, check the list of ingredients that they have. The effectual ones are Extrapone Nutgrass, Cynergy TK™, Phytessence Wakame, Active Manuka Honey, Avocado Oil etc.

An effective skin care product would have these or at least a few of these tested and proven natural ingredients. They work by penetrating deep into the skin and eliminating the root cause of the problem while working from inside out. The results hence are most effective and permanent too.

You can rate all natural skin care products on the basis of how many effectual natural ingredients do they contain. Choose the one containing most or all of them. These ingredients when working together enhance the overall health and beauty of the skin.

Step 3:
Make sure to check the customer testimonials of the selected product. Since they are coming directly from the person using it, it represents an unbiased feedback on the quality and efficiency of the product and hence should always be referred before making the final choice.

And you are done! You have the most successful and effective natural skin care product which can benefit the skin’s health in multiple ways.

Now that you know it all, I am sure this information will assist you in evaluating the different available online beauty products.

Start today and make a well informed and thoughtful choice. After all it is the health of your lovable skin which is at the stake here. So, go for it and start looking for effective online beauty products.